At LBS we offer Spicato Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass. Spicato strings in yours everyday choices. 

Strings instrument are instruments that often synonymous with grace, beauty, and peace. Why is it then that finding a strings instrument to buy can be frustrating, getting your kid to practice takes nagging, and beginning violinists often sound like a dying cat? At LBS Music World, you'll find a large selection of strings instuments. Spicato Violin, the best combination of quality & value strings instruments. With our experienced craftsmanship, naturally-selected and crafted tone woods, advanced technologies, professional -grade and adjustable rock maple bridges, Spicato Strings Instruments offer all players an affordable and valuable price that you can trust. Spicato Violin, violin capable of great emotional expression, characterized by full, rich tone with a clearly defined low, mid and high range that is melodious, produces a brilliant, noble tone that is highly responsive to the player's expression and it is exceptionally sensitive to the slightest changes in bowing. Embark on your exciting musical journey with the violin today! Let’s start your musical journey with us, LBS Music Word!