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Elixir Strings was born in 1997. Since then we’ve refined our ideas and today provide various combinations of original POLYWEB® Coating and ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating strings. Each produces a different tone “flavor,” but all are variations of the same basic idea: a microscopically thin, advanced polymer tube that surrounds the string to protect it from corrosion and dirt without making any contact whatsoever with the critical area between the windings where the "critical zone of tone" is found and each perfect note is born. They sell all sort of string for Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Banjo. We are Authorised Dealer for Elixir in Penang Malaysia. Our stock is directly from Malaysia Distributor.

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  • Nanoweb series
  • Long scale
  • Gauges: .050, .070, .085, .105
  • Smooth, natural feel and reduced finger squeak
  • 4 String Electric Bass