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BSL Wolf Series 23 inch Solid Top Concert Ukulele Package Hawaii Guitar - Rosewood
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Brand BSL
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  • Tuners: closed knob
  • Brand: BSL Wolf Series
  • Front material: Mahogany
  • Back & Side Material: Rosewood
  • Guitar Size: 23 inches
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

BSL Wolf Series 23 inch Solid Top Concert Ukulele Package with - Rosewood

BSL Wolf Series come with closed-end version of the button: dust-proof and durable, high stability, lightweight construction (18 tooth precision positioning chord button) process to ensure the balance of gravity to prevent top-heavy Moreover, it your bottleneck, reducing the burden on the left: fit fingers semicircle design tiger's mouth, the high bits and lower bits from the neck thickness (2mm difference within the international standard). Arched design, slightly flared back: "Adjustment type" micro drum backplane through process, with a curved back slightly raised (less than or equal to 4mm), allowing radiation to maximize the sound, stressing middle voice with a more balanced acoustic tone. A ++ class selection of imported materials: A ++ level selection of imported natural dried lumber, deep and powerful timbre, resonance. Most Importantly the Wolf Series are made with Solid Top Wood which create sustainable sound. 

Rosewood, which takes the name from its characteristic floral scent, is an ideal tonewood for backs and sides. “Rosewood is dense and heavy compared to other woods—almost so heavy that it sinks in water,” Boak says.  “And it produces extremely warm and resonant tones.” While rosewoods might sound amazing, a Ukulele made from this species, with its complex overtones and sustain, can present headaches for a recording engineer. An instrument whose sonic spectrum is cluttered is more difficult to record than one with a comparably direct sound. So, in the studio, mahogany backs and sides can be preferable to rosewood.

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